Engboxx CollPay®

This is a convenient, robust and secure payments and collections platform for businesses and merchants to receive payments and disburse funds via multiple channels

Managed Elasticsearch dashboard

An end-to-end collections and payments management suite which allows businesses and merchants receive payments via all mobile money wallets, VISA and MasterCard, Cash and Cheques.

Engboxx CollPay allows payments to be issued to any bank account and any mobile wallet.

This solution can also be white-labelled for banks and financial institutions with seamless integrations into their core operating platforms.


Key Features

Collections & Payments Via Multiple Channels

CollPay gives you the flexibility to accept payments via all MOBILE MONEY WALLETS, VISA & MasterCard, Cash, and Cheques. This gives your clients the flexibility tos choose which channel suits them. Payments can also be made to any bank account or mobile money wallet.

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting Tools

Our Analytics & Reporting Tools gives you the insights into how your daily to annual transactions, answering the questions of HOW, WHAT, WHICH, WHO & . Furthermore, you could download these reports in a PDF, TXT or CSV formats.


Engboxx CollPay improves the ease of on-boarding as many clients as your institution wants, extending the functions and serving all your clients on one single digital platform.


Engboxx provides you ultimate control over your CollPay services through our comprehensive API suite.


Engboxx CollPay can also be tweaked to client's specifications, enhanced or changed completely as a White-Label product for Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions etc.